Interior inspirations – arranging bedroom 2023

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Bedroom is a place that is supposed to serve as a calming space of relaxation and rest. It is where we recharge our batteries after a hard day, it is where we spend a third of our lives. This is why it’s so important to create a soothing room that corresponds to our sense of aesthetics. Check how to arrange a beautiful bedroom!

Bedroom wall design – trendy beige!

Beige is the best proof that trends go to come back and appear once again in our homes. Various shades of this color look best surrounded by other Earth colors – white, cream, grey and brown. It’s worth remembering to match colors in the same tone – e.g. warm beige with warm brown, and cold hues with cold white.

Beige, as an Earth color, works wonderfully with natural materials – wood, cotton, linen or rattan. It also looks great when surrounded with modern, minimalistic accessories made of glass or metal.

On the photo (from the top left): 1) Linea Comfort Hazelnut wall slats and upholstered panels 60×30 in SO30 color, 2) upholstered panels 90×15 in PR21 color, 3) upholstered panels 60×30 in SO30 color, 4) upholstered panels 60×30 i 30×30 in F11 color as well as Linea Slim Japandi wall slats

Beige upholstered panels in the bedroom bring coziness to the room, complimenting an already toned-down arrangement. The delicate, two-tone weave of mollis® panels in SO30 fabric looks beautifully solo, as well as accompanied by Linea Comfort Hazelnut wall slats. Whereas upholstered elements in F11 fabric combine stunningly with our new product – Linea Slim Japandi wall panels. Upholstered panels in PR21 are an interesting choice for a bedroom, since its structure resembles natural leather.

Modern, grey bedroom

If you prefer more classic and toned-down colors, grey bedroom is a good choice. Grey has been dominating interiors for many seasons, remaining a popular choice amongst customers. The success of this color was definitely determined by Scandinavian trend and modern architecture, focused on modernity and simplicity.

On the photo: 1) upholstered panels 60×30 in SO11 color, 2) upholstered panels 90×30 and 90×15 in K09 color


Grey upholstered panels in SO11 and K09 fabric will look best surrounded by complementing colors – white, grey, anthracite, even black.

Slatted wall in white

White seems the easiest and most popular option for the walls. At the same time, it is also the most universal choice, allowing for a vast number of possibilities. White gets a completely new vibe in an arrangement with wall slats. Linear compositions look beautifully on fragments of the wall, or covering its whole surface.

On the photo: 1) Linea Slim Single White wall slats, 2) Linea 3 White/Oak wall slats


Single slats can be mounted directly on the wall. Linea and Linea Slim wall panels with built-in back in the color of bright oak wonderfully contrast the crisp white of the slats.

Feminine inspirations

The bedroom should be the rest area, simultaneously regarding our personal likes and taste. Upholstered panels in MV63 fabric is an incredibly elegant version of dusty pink, which fits perfectly into bedroom arrangements. Combining the panels with subdued, bright colors emphasizes the feminine color from the palette of dark pink.

On the photo: 1) upholstered panels 60×30 in MV63 color, 2) upholstered panels 60×30 and 30×30 in F20 color


The original choice for a bedroom are also mollis® upholstered elements in F20 fabric. Extraordinary color between brown and aubergine, in combination with fine weave and soft shine, brings a vibe of 5-star hotel room. In this case, the bigger the surface, the better.

Bold bedroom interior

Last but not least, we created a few suggestions for those who seek outstanding solutions and intense colors. Bedroom can be a trendy space too!

Upholstered panels in MV99 fabric in the shade of deep black look wonderfully solo, as well as combined with decorative slats – from classic White, through Urban resembling concrete, to total look with Black/Black collection. Do you prefer a more usual color in an unusual form? Check our Linea Mini series.

On the photo (from the top left): 1) Linea Comfort Urban wall slats and upholstered panels 60×30 and 30×30 in MV99 color, 2) Linea Slim Botanic wall slats and upholstered panels 60×30 in ME27 color, 3) upholstered panels 90×30 in R81 color, 4) Linea Mini Hazelnut wall slats.

Monochromatic surfaces can be achieved when arranging our new collections – Botanic and Woodblue. Slats in deep, bottle-green and rich navy combine perfectly with complementary ME27 and R81 upholstered panels.

Are you looking for more inspirations for your home? Check the variety of STEGU’s wall slats, upholstered panels and wall cladding.